About Arcomis (Arts Commissioning)

"Connecting you and the arts"

Arcomis was established in 2007 to promote the contemporary Arts to as wide a cross section of society as possible. We provide a service to those interested in commissioning new music and new works of art: we believe passionately that the arts are an essential part of every society and we welcome the opportunity to share our enthusiasm!

We are a small team, although we have links with a large number of professional composers, recording artists, project managers, consultants, technicians, music editors and academics, meaning that despite being small we're able to offer something truly unique and of the very highest quality.

Arcomis is run from offices in Cardiff, UK where the director, Dr Adrian Hull, and his wife Jennie Haywood-Hull, take day-to-day responsibility for the management of the project portfolio and of the company. They have recently been joined by: Jim Deeny: Music Manager in charge of Business Relations; Dr Max Charles Davies: joined as Head of Publishing with an integrated responsibility for Audience Development; Sarah Gupta: IT officer and general administrator, and Tom Davoren: Music Manager and Events Consultant.

We're currently working on developing Arcomis in three ways: by promoting the commissioning of new music for a variety of occasions including weddings and for other private celebrations; by developing our online collection of scores for publication and making it available to the widest possible range of performers, and in planning a number of international music events promoting new music.

We are here to help you whether you think you might like to commission a new piece of music, if you are a composer, or if you just have an interest in new music.

Please contact us if you would like any further information on what we do or if you have any comments or suggestions for us.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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