Peter Amsel  1968

Peter Amsel was born in Toronto and began his musical training in the city of Sudbury, Ontario, where he attended Cambrian College of Applied Arts & Technology where he received a three-year diploma in Pedagogy and Performance on Classical Guitar in 1989. He graduated in 1992 from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor’s of Music degree in Composition where he studied for three years under the tutelage of composer Steven Gellman, who had studied at the Paris Conservatoire with Olivier Messiaen. After completing his undergraduate studies Amsel spent one year at McGill University, in Montréal, working with composer Bruce Mather, and then returned for an additional year at the University of Ottawa to take advantage of another opportunity to work with Steven Gellman.

Amsel has composed for both orchestra and chamber orchestra, chorus and solo voice, and diverse solo orchestral instruments. He has written string quartets, a string trio, a piano quintet, a clarinet quartet, a flute trio, a “fin du temps” quartet, and many other compositions for different combinations of instruments. His commissions have ranged from works for piano with violin to the critically acclaimed Sonata Fantasia for solo viola,commissioned and premiered by viola soloist Rivka Golani. He has also had commissions from members of the National Arts Centre Orchestra, including former Principal Bassoonist, Gerald Corey and his music has been featured in concerts at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, as well as on CBC Radio, on television in Russia, and in numerous
concerts in both Canada and the United States.

Pieces by this composer

Piece Title Instruments
Museum Triptych for Solo Flute Flute
Musical Mutterings I Flute
Musical Mutterings II Flute
Musical Mutterings I Clarinet in Bb
Poème pour Alto Viola
Poème pour Basson Bassoon
Poème pour Cor Anglais Cor Anglais
Sonata Fantasia Viola
Poème pour Violoncelle Violoncello
Three Préludes & Fugues for Solo Piano Piano
Trois Invocations à l'Esprit Saint Bassoon

The piece being submitted has not been recorded yet; I have not posted a MIDI recording to SoundCloud as there will be a live recording after March 31.