Ewan Campbell  1983

Ewan studied musical composition at Cambridge University(with Jeremy Thurlow and Robin Holloway) and King’s College London, where herecently submitted a PhD under the tutelage of George Benjamin and SilvinaMilstein. He lectures in composition at King’s College London, and teachescomposition and analysis in Cambridge University. He also teaches compositionpart-time in Sandringham School to A-level Music and Music Technology students.Ewan has been awarded the role of Composer in Residence for the CambridgeUniversity Music Society for the 2012-13 season.
Ewan has written for several UK and European ensembles: TheBritten Sinfonia, The Küss Quartet; the Fitzwilliam Quartet; the MercuryQuartet; recorder quintet Consortium5; Lontano; The Ealdwic Ensemble; BespokeBrass and the Fukio Saxophone Quartet. Ewan has also composed for varioustheatre and dance companies including The Pembroke Players, CambridgeContemporary Dance, Bottlefed, Katie Green and Isobel Cohen. In 2012 he becamean associate member of the London Symphony Orchestra Soundhub scheme. Hiscompositional interests include the adaptation of electronic and everydaysounds into instrumental and vocal music, and the development of non-linearmusical structures.
He has been an award winner of several national andinternational competitions including the Pritchard-Kennedy Choral prize (2007),a residency at the Lake District Summer Music Festival (2007), the LatvijasKoncerti performances in Latvia (2011), the New York-based CounterpointInternational Competition (2011), the Formeuniche di continuità nello spazio International Competition in Adelaide(2012) and the Italian Mare NostrumInternational Competition (2012). His work has been published in Italy byEdizioni Sconifinarte, and a recording released with the Retropalco label.

Pieces by this composer

Piece Title Instruments
Five Trumpets French Horn,Trumpet in Bb,Trombone,Tuba