Dan Phelps  1981

Pieces by this composer

Piece Title Instruments
Twisted Fairground Piano,Viola
The Empty Head Clarinet in Bb,Bassoon
The Dictation French Horn,Trumpet in Bb,Trombone,Tuba
The Dark, Blue Secret Clarinet in Bb,Piano,Violin,Violoncello
Stifled Violin I,Violin II,Viola,Violoncello
Repercussions Flute,Flute (Piccolo),Clarinet in Bb,Bass Clarinet,Piano,Viola,Violoncello,Guitar (Acoustic)
Phased Clarinet in Bb,Piano,Violoncello
Not Close Enough Flute,Flute (Piccolo),Clarinet in Bb,Bass Clarinet,Piano,Viola,Guitar (Acoustic)
Minimum Vs Maximum Piano,Violoncello
Hyperactive Flute (Piccolo),Clarinet in Eb,Piano
The Fly In The Cradle Bass Clarinet
Episodic Dreams Violin,Guitar (Acoustic)
Compromise Flute,Clarinet in Bb