Tim Ambler  1970

Pieces by this composer

Piece Title Instruments
Ave Verum Voice (Choir)
God has gone up Organ,Voice (Choir)
The Gate of the Year Organ,Voice (Choir)
To Thy Sweet Will Piano,Voice (Alto),Voice (Soprano)
Entering the Unknown Flute,Clarinet in Bb,Bassoon,French Horn,Trumpet in Bb,Trombone,Violin I,Violin II,Viola,Violoncello,Double Bass
Walking Song Piano,Voice (Soprano)
I have called you friends Flute,Piano
A Norfolk Song Flute,Piano
Lament for the changing world Flute
To The Sweet Will Other Keyboard,Voice (Alto)
Gloria in A minor French Horn,Trumpet in Bb,Trombone,Tuba