Max Charles Davies  1981

First and foremost a composer, Max studied at the Royal College of Music as a Foundation Scholar with William Mival, and as a post graduate at Cardiff University (MMus & PhD) with Professors Anthony Powers and Judith Weir. He was also an SPNM shortlisted composer from 2006-2009.

His earlier works are characterised as having a strong sense of character-driven narrative (often autobiographical in nature) and explore behaviour, comedy, the natural world and ritual, and a love of instrumental and busy textural colours, within a polystylistic-influenced harmonic language. At present, his work tends towards a direct simplicity and is almost exclusively for amateur ensembles and children.

His music has been performed by, amongst others, the BBC Symphony Orchestra (Cells and Sanctuaries, 2007), Music Theatre Wales (Are we in love?, 2008) and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales (Exultet, 2010) and at the Cheltenham Music Festival (Wild with Blue, 2008) the Tête à Tête Opera Festival (A Bit of a Nightmare Scenario [Six Word Opera], 2010, and Brunch, 2011) and Elektrostatic, Bristol (Infinity Variations, 2012).

Elsewhere, Max enjoys a richly varied career. He is active as a pianist with his own group - The Butler in the Billiard Room - a primarily swing ensemble with interests in new music and improvisation. He also works frequently as an arranger, accompanist, coach and musical director.

Max is also a dedicated teacher, both privately and in his capacity as music teacher at the Suzanne Scale School of Performing Arts and as an Associate Lecturer at the University of the West of England, where he is responsible for the running of the UWE Big Band, UWE Barbershop and UWE Jazz, as well as teaching on various modules at undergraduate level.

Pieces by this composer

Piece Title Instruments
Cells and Sanctuaries Flute,Alto Flute,Flute (Piccolo),Oboe,Cor Anglais,Clarinet,Clarinet in Bb,Bass Clarinet,Bassoon,Contrabassoon,French Horn,Trumpet in Bb,Trombone,Bass Trombone,Tuba,Percussion,Piano,Harp,Other Keyboard,Violin,Viola,Violoncello,Double Bass
Raining Sunlight Clarinet in Bb,Piano,Violin,Violoncello
Through the Looking Glass Violin,Violoncello
Scena Flute,Voice (Alto),Voice (Bass),Voice (Soprano),Voice (Tenor)
Panorama Flute,Alto Flute,Piccolo,Clarinet in Bb,Bass Clarinet,Piano,Violin,Violoncello
Dark Love Songs Clarinet in Bb,Bass Clarinet,Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone,French Horn,Tuba,Percussion,Piano,Violin,Viola,Violoncello,Double Bass,Voice (Baritone)
Dark Love Songs Piano,Voice (Baritone)
A Book of Firsts Soprano Saxophone,Violin,Viola,Violoncello
A Rundown on Couples Piano,Violin
Wild with Blue Alto Saxophone,Piano
A Bit of a Nightmare Scenario Clarinet in Bb,Percussion,Piano,Violoncello,Voice (Baritone),Voice (Soprano)
The Mysterious Kiss Orchestra
Seclusion (Secret Garden) Flute