Publishing FAQs

Publishing FAQs for Composers

How Arcomis Publishing Works

Arcomis Publishing invite composers to submit their scores for consideration for inclusion in the Arcomis online scores collection. The collection is intended as a vital, but much more importantly, affordable resource of quality new music for performers, teachers and scholars. Scores are made available for download, and we also have a print-to-order facility for hard copies. Submission is free, you earn 50% of all profits made from the sales of your scores, and there is no contract, so you can withdraw your scores from the collection at any time, and Arcomis will not take any of your royalties earned from performances.

What to do:
  • Set up an account with Arcomis, and join our exciting community of composers & performers
  • Upload your scores as PDFs or Sibelius files
  • If you wish to submit parts too, submit a part-ready Sibelius score or a PDF of the score and parts together IN ADDITION TO the score on its own.
  • Include programme notes and any other additional information
  • Set a price: we recommend that for score downloads only to price them at £0.79 for small-scale works, £0.99 for medium-scale works and £1.29 for large-scale works.
  • The cost of downloading a set of parts together with a score is fixed at a further £2.50.
  • We are currently developing the system to include integrated hard copy purchasing options. At present these are available via email query and prices are agreed with the composer on an order-by-order basis.
  • As a guide, hard copies of scores of medium-sized works start from £14.99, and score and parts together from £29.99.

What happens to your scores when you’ve submitted them:
  • Your score is read by one of our editors.
  • If successful, your score will be admitted into the collection, and a dedicated page created on the Arcomis Publishing website, and it will be made available for purchase
  • The editor may decide that editorial improvements could be made to the score. If this is the case, you will receive some constructive feedback and be invited to resubmit your score.

What WE then DO FOR YOU:
  • We believe that your music has value. We promote and market the catalogue through regular updates to all interested parties - a growing international database.
  • We exist to support you, to make your music available to as wide a range of performers as possible that will hopefully increase your number of performances.
  • We periodically include works from the collection in our small-scale Arcomis Live! concerts, and our annual International Music Events.

What we ask in return:
  • All we ask in return is that once your score is received into our collection, that you link to its page from your own website.
  • If you are logged in, details for how to do this can be found by clicking here > > >
  • If you are not logged in or have yet to create an account, this information is found by clicking ‘Link your personal website to your Arcomis account’ in the ‘Manage Account’ section.

For more information, and to create an account and upload scores, click here.

Popular FAQs

Is there a submission charge?
The standard submission charge is £7.50 but this is currently being waived. The charge normally covers Arcomis' administration costs, which include approving the score for inclusion in the collection, the creation of preview files, general hosting costs, an administrator to double check the details of the submission, marketing and promotion costs and, of course, ongoing direct costs such as office space and bank charges.

What should I do if my piece is in different movements?
It is up to you whether you wish to submit your work as separate movements. We prefer scores to be submitted as one file but realise that this is not always possible. We will produce a single PDF document if separate files are submitted.

Instruments: If there are doublings in my piece, which instrument should I select during the submission process?
All of them! Please tick every instrument that is required for a performance of your piece.

What versions of my score can people download?
At present the public can download electronic copies of the scores alone, or scores and parts, in PDF format. Printed copies are available via email query.

What happens if my score is not accepted?
You will be notified of the reasons and given the chance to resubmit the score. This does mean that all of the scores in the Arcomis collection are up to the highest standards of presentation, which will be of benefit to all of the composers taking part in the project in the long run!

Do I get paid if people download my scores?
Yes. 50% of all profits from downloads will be credited to your account. Approximately 25% will go towards the costs of the transaction with the remainder (c.25%) being used to help develop the promotion of the catalogue and Arcomis. You will automatically be able to request payment when your account reaches £25 (a similar system as is used by the PRS for distributing royalties).

What happens with regard to copyright?
You, as the composer, retain the copyright to your work at all times. Arcomis does not act as a publisher in the traditional sense of the word in that we are only providing a way for people to purchase copies of your music. We do not taking an interest in the IP (Intellectual Property) of your work. You are free to withdraw your works from the Arcomis collection at any time.

I've submitted a score but have noticed a mistake with my submission. What can I do?
If your score has been accepted and we have not picked up the mistake please contact us via email and we will do our best to correct the information as soon as possible.

How long will my score remain in the collection?
For as long as Arcomis is trading or until you withdraw it!

I've got another question that isn't covered here in the FAQs
Please contact us and we will do our best to answer your question. This will also be a help to us as we'll be able to expand our help section. We look forward to hearing from you!

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