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Welcome to Arcomis' Wedding Pages

This micro-site has been created to help with the task of selecting music for a wedding service, civil ceremony or reception and to provide information about how you can add to the day by having a new piece of music specially composed for the occasion.

Having the right music at a wedding celebration can really enhance the atmosphere of the day. Whatever you want to express through the music you choose you can add something really special to a wedding by commissioning a new piece of music. Arcomis can help you commission a bespoke and really meaningful piece of new classical music.

These pages provide some background information on choosing music for weddings and will also guide you through the music commissioning process. We have drawn up some information and advice on why and how to go about commissioning a piece of music, we have suggestions for the types of music that might fit with your particular celebration and we have examples of popular music choices for weddings.

The information you will find here only really 'scratches the surface' of what is possible. Each project is unique, which is one of the things that makes commissioning new music so special, so please remember that we are here to help and do contact us if you have any questions!